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I personally found the masterclass to be very profound, especially because I was chosen out of many other applicants.
I learnt the importance of networking, finding the right manager and booker and how my attitude and personality was very important as there is more to a model than just looks. I was also taught that as aspiring models I should be cautious with my social media and physical appearance and many more things, altogether I found the masterclass to be helpful.
Thank you, FeW Academy, for this lovely opportunity.


The online masterclass that I attended was very insightful and helped me understand the workings of the modeling industry that is not talked about much. I learned that being a model is not as easy as we first think it is and there are many things that you have to take into consideration before getting signed with an agency.
Searching for the right agency for you is a very important aspect of becoming a model and it’s also important that you have a good support system in place.
I am grateful to FeW Academy for this opportunity that helped me learn more about the industry